Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My crafting Journey

Hi , myself Pratima Diwan from  Delhi. I am a qualified postgraduate engineer. I am a mother of three children and an entrepreneur . I started crafting couple of years ago in my free time. I am now a passionate crafter and hope to start my own crafting venture soon.
Frankly speaking I am not into crafting since my childhood. But some how colours have always fascinated me.I remember how I used to create handmade greeting cards, envelopes and wall decors in my childhood. I think it is in my genes. My mom has been my inspiration. She used to knit sweaters and  embroidered to add personalized touch to whatever she created.
                                                                            I am a self taught crafter and I am very passionate about it. I recently took few professional classes as well. My work has found home in many states of India.
I do not have any favourite crafting style but I love to create different things with my personalized touch to make it different from other creations. Whenever I get an order I request my costumer to allow me to experiment with it in my own way.
Though I do not get much time to craft but you can always find time for something you love. I hardly watch T.V or hang around with friends . I choose to craft whatever time I get.

Already written above that my parents and my sister  have been my biggest inspiration as they have always encouraged me.My kids and my husband has always appreciated my work . When I started crafting there were very few people in India who actually motivated me. To name few I was most influenced by the work of :

  • Rajni Chawla
  • Anita Kejriwal
  • Hussena calcuttawala
  • Manisha Khandelwal
  • Neha Bhatt
  • Erum Tasneem
  • Meiraj Zaidi